Tact Switch in PCBA of Toys


Tact switches commonly used in toys are very good in terms of safety & durability & sensitivity & stability in order to be used in toy production. This is a responsible attitude towards children, as a company must do such things, it is also a social responsibility. 

Golden-Switch tact switches are widely used in toys, home appliances and medical equipment, and quality has always been our primary concern.Below is one tactile switch for your references.


The key factors affecting the quality of the tact switch are the protection, solderability, continuity reliability, life, feel, production process and installation size of the tact switch. The lead substrate of the switch is brass or phosphor bronze (low grade is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, the lead is basically silver-plated, and the silver dioxide in the air will oxidize, which directly affects the solderability of the switch. Sex and contact resistance, so the high-quality tactile switch must first be controlled in terms of the silver plating thickness of the substrate and the silver plating process. 

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