• The anti-tip switch can be called a fall switch. When the main body is tilted or fallen, the ball in the anti-tip switch is tilted and displaced with the housing under the action of gravity. The ball is returned to the original position due to the detachment of the ball, and the switch is momentarily disconnected. Thereby achieving the purpose of cutting off the power supply or the circuit.

  • After years of accumulation, Golden-Switch membrane switches have various kinds: metal dome array, membrane switch with LED back light, membrane switch with printed circuit, membrane switch with bulge etc.

  • The metal dome array is widely used to replace poly-dome products because the people pay more and more attention to product quality and feel. We strongly feel that from 2019 Spring Electronic Components Show in Hongkong.

  • The requirements for the control switch in the device are getting higher and higher. From the ordinary micro switch to the dust-proof micro switch, until now, the waterproof micro switch requires at least IP67 and IP68.

  • This is 2.4G wireless remote control toy car remote control baby carriage electronic board program development. Tact switch is widely used in toys production field.

  • Dust-proof micro switch is made for arc welding gun and Gas-Oven and big white house appliances and some radio etc. devices. Our anti-dust micro switch has IP50 grade protection against dust.

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